Fun With Hackley : Axe Murderer

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Do you have insufferable middle managers making your life hell with paper work and red tape? Then the life of Hackley will seem all too familiar.


One time top of his game, Hackley is an axe murderer working for RKS, an office job for serial killers. Every kill must be documented. Quotas must be reached and weekly “status meetings” must be attended. Hackley was the leading killer in the 80s and 90s, but now, he struggles to make employee of the month, is out done by younger, scarier killers and finds himself questioning his whole existence.

Hackley, loosely based on Jason Voorhees, and his coworkers all have their origins in popular slasher and horror movies from Scream to Saw. A clever script sees references from your favourite films flipped to the PoV of the killer in a world where violence is more than random or revenge based, it’s monitored, documented, analysed and evaluated. It’s that world that has Hackley bored to death.

Horror movie clichés are exposed in this movie, cleverly bringing to light the questions and problems often noted in slasher films by fans in a sympathetic way rather than by criticising the genre. The film makers are clearly fans themselves.

Fun with Hackley is certainly more comedy than slasher, and while there are many kills throughout the movie, they tend to be just off screen and implied. Perhaps this was done to keep comedy the main theme, however some gory practical effects and a few more on screen kills would have increased the overall enjoyment. At least from this slasher fans perspective.

Allen Hackley turns in a fantastic performance in the lead role but it is his European sidekick, played by Garrett Graham that steals the show. Rancid, perhaps based on Dr. Heiter (Human Centipede) or the kind of sick rich business man who would join the Elite Hunting Club (Hostel) delivers his lines with fantastic comedic timing and truly nails the character.


Drinking games could be played to Fun With Hackley. Drink for every horror reference or cliché. Never have I seen so many topical references in a piece of work, and I’ve seen Spaced.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it is well directed and the pacing is well managed building up to its chaotic conclusion, which if you are playing the drinking game then I fear for your hangover. It packs so much wit into its 90 minute run time I could continue to write for days and I haven’t even mentioned the amazing rap yet, but for some reason, I have an urge to go get tacos.


I guarantee you will have Fun With Hackley.


Scott & Liam