Bridal Fever

What’s scarier than the ultimate commitment of marriage? A woman hellbent on revenge!

If you listen to the podcast then you will be aware that I recently got engaged. This has been the happiest time of my life and it’s very exciting planning the big day with my fiancé.

That was until I became aware of the new movie “Bridal Fever”. A Scottish independent horror movie from writer director Hayley McInline.


“Bridal Fever is a gritty, suspenseful feature length horror film written and directed by Hayley McInline. Real life meets the supernatural where the peace and security of everyday life no longer exist and there is nowhere left to hide. It shows just how crazy and savage a wronged woman can become in her path for revenge.”

The movie has just wrapped filming and the first trailer has recently been released.

What we get is a glimpse of a very professional and well made horror movie. Interest is well and truly piqued and enough story is teased to make the viewer want to see more. Sometimes, being Scottish, hearing a Scottish accent on record is like hearing your own voice on tape, cringeworthy, but not here. The actors come across natural and skilled and I have no doubt the finished product will deliver more of the same.


A sinister atmosphere is created in the two minute trailer. Panic and dread are hyped in the desolate locations shown, and we are promised good use of practical effects in inventive and gory ways throughout Bridal Fever. One thing I like to champion more than independent cinema, is practical effects in horror movies so I cannot wait to get the fever.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if that woman is a “bridezilla”, well that fury is turned up to 11. I can attest to the wild focus that befalls a bride to be, and after discovering “Bridal Fever”, I’ll be making sure my bride never has a reason for revenge.

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