The Walking Dead S7 ‘Sneak Peek’

This post will contain opinions that could be considered *SPOILERS*

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is but two weeks away and FOX have released a ‘sneak peek‘.


I have just watched it, and I feel sort of let down. Let me start with the highlights. The Walking Dead is back and that is fantastic. Negan is bad ass. Rick tries to stay bad ass, but is shown to be very weak in comparison, at this moment which will be a very interesting character arc throughout the season.


Here’s where I am let down. This peek hints heavily that Daryl is the one who meets Lucille. Negan says he’d be lost without his “right hand man” and this suggests Daryl as we know his place in the group. Though on the flip side, does Negan know the relationship between Rick and Daryl? Is he referring to Abraham here as they were together when Negan got there? There is a theory online the the young girl Enid is a spy for the Saviours (Negan’s ‘gang’), but I personally don’t see that storyline tying in with the Enid we have already seen in season 5 and 6. However it is entirely possible that someone has spied on our group enough to know who’s who.


Strong hint number two comes in the final shot. Rick is dragged into the RV, showing Negans strength over the situation. It reduces our hero to a petulant child or misbehaving animal bein dragged to the naughty step. If this scene makes season 7, my theory is Rick can kiss a hand goodbye.

I digress, let’s get back to the Daryl hint. With the final wide shot of the RV and the camera panning to the ground to show the deceased’s pool of blood, what we can see is a blanket, and if you recall, Daryl was covered in a blanket due to the injuries he sustained at the end of season 6. Again, if the blanket on the ground makes it to the show it could be from Daryl throwing it to the ground in protest of a friend being murdered. All possibilities will have been considered.


As big shows like this are inclined to do, this sneak peak could be a massive red herring. It could contain dialogue that won’t appear in the show. The creators are definitely smart enough to put false clues in to trip up eagle eyed viewers, and they definitely have thought out every possible angle and potential spoiler before releasing a sneak peek. They will have someone dedicated to monitoring the online buzz and will play into that.

They have also more than likely filmed different versions of who gets the bat. I think all we can conclude for definite is that someone will die. One predicition I will put my name to, it will be a male who doesn’t see season 7, and one thing that is 100% true.


I can’t fucking wait for October 24th!

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